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Rabbi Alexis Pinsky

"Rabbi Pinsky brings her own sense of spirituality… She knows what it means to look inside your heart and just be, because that is where the music is." -Stuart Simon, New Orleans

worship & songleading

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From the bimah of a formal synagogue to a small courtyard in New Orleans, Rabbi Pinsky is experienced with crafting meaningful worship opportunities in a variety of settings. Rabbi Pinsky uses her warm presence to engage worshippers and transform any space into a community. As a guitar player and vocalist, she believes in the power of music to elevate and enhance any moment. 

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Yihyu L'ratzon (by Michelle Citrin)

Let There Be Love / Hashkiveinu (Noah Aronson) 

With Cantor Billy Tiep

Touro Synagogue Jazz Fest Shabbat 2018

Elohai N'shama (Debbie Friedman)

Tov L'Hodot (Chasen/Zweibeck) and Mah Gadlu (Gold) 

With Cantor Lucy Fishbein

Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

Congregation Gates of Prayer, 2016

Mi Chamocha (Elana Arian)

Adon Olam with George Porter, Jr and Runnin' Pardners Touro Synagogue Jazz Fest Shabbat 2018

Avinu Malkeinu (Josh Nelson) - Touro Synagogue 

P'tach Libi/ Yihyu L'ratzon (Noam Katz) with Cantor Billy Tiep Touro Synagogue Jazz Fest Shabbat 2018

Yihyu L'ratzon (Elana Arian)

TRIBE Shabbat, New Orleans, LA

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