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early childhood

and family engagement

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Rabbi Pinsky has extensive experience with Early Childhood Music and Education. She believes that music is a fantastic way to cultivate knowledge, Jewish literacy, and to build a foundational love of Jewish life from an early age.

Whether crafting participatory worship experiences, singing with students in a classroom, or training Jewish Educators in songleading and informal Jewish education, Rabbi Pinsky brings her energy and enthusiasm to everything that she does. 

Rabbi Pinsky has served as the Family Engagement Music Coordinator at Central Synagogue in Manhattan where she ran all family Shabbat and Holiday worship, as well as being a presence in the Nursery School. She has also lead classroom early childhood experiences, participatory concerts, and holiday programming at the Marlene Myerson JCC Manhattan, as well as leading Pela young family services for children ages 0-4 and their caregivers at SAJ (The Society for the Advanvement of Judaism), on Manhattan's Upper West Side. 

To plan a youth and/or family focused program, service, or concert with Rabbi Pinsky, please click here.

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